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Exisitng Vending Machine Consignment

 New Division For El Camino
We now take vending routes that are exisitng . We Manage them making positively sure they are viable and marketable for the purchaser.
We do take a percentage of the Gross sale.
Unfortunately we do not work for free. But however, we are extremely reasonable in all we do.
If you are looking to sell your route . Consider El Camino CC. We are an Industry Leader and althou we are often imitated we are never duplicated.
We also offer routes for sale not only within the Metroplex and surrounding areas. But in other locations in the Continental US as well. Contact Wes at 214-259-5221 for details.

Repeat Customer Base

 I am Happy to report in 2012 over eighty percent of our clients were repeat buyers. Our relationships are just RELATIONAL for long periods of time. We are proud of that fact  . Especially in an Industry that goes for the onetime sale like a Hunter goes for the KILL. At high prices and false promises. El Camino
CC falls short of all customers being perfectly Happy because we have a human quality. Although we strive to make a difference and are always AUTHENTIC. We welcome you to join our Happy Family!!!!

Slot Machines now an option at El Camino CC

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Our restoration division now services slot machines. We restore antique slots and now reapir all slots. bring your slot machine in for restoration or reapir at our 208 Industrial dr. Facility in Forney,Texas.

Whats Up?

We have had a flurry of new customers. it has been very exciting for us and them Relationships we worked on all year have come through with major corporations. Four new staff members have been added. Restoration is also very busy and several projects are coming to a close. You are appreciated and as always we are here to help. More and More competitors customers are coming in because of our services. It is an exciting time at El camino.

We had the movie, "Stay at Home Dads", filmed in our office and warehouse today.

We allowed a filming of a movie in our warehouse this morning. The makers of the movie "Stay at Home Dads" Brought there crew in to film a series of scenes for the movie. It was interesting and actually kind of fun.

Grow everyday

We are growing with leaps and bounds. We've recently been fortunate to be able to increase our daily staff by 2 more people plus we've recruited our daughter, Lee, to add her finess to our day to day affairs.

Insight into El Camino

We are a local company dedicated to helping our clients and customers succeed in business and life in general. This blog will give everyone an insight into our day to day business as we continue to expand and help others build a businesses they can be proud of.
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