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Benefits of a life testimony offers to post things in peoples past for a fee on the internet.Funny I was offered to unpublish this posting from a 1994 DUI Arrest for a simple $399.00 fee. What a Scam! Someone was very preoccupied with me to pay to post it on google. Listen, there is a simple lesson in all of this. Do not be concerned all have things they are ashamed of in their history even if they were not substance abusers or arrested. Paul was an inmate when he wrote the New Testament and Jesus Christ was an inmate as well. So I guess back in Denton County I had no clue  what great company I kept. Or how that arrest would enhance and help me help others all these years later. God used the lowly of the world and every stumbling block in life can be a stepping stone. I am here and a open book. I have a great business and life. But if I had not lived through my past I would not even appreciate all the things or ,people, or what the Lord has done for me.
I have always been an entrepreneur and owned legitimate businesses. I consult under my facetime business with troubled youth and adult offenders. I use this silly example of how yesterday always sneaks up to get you. I am available for consulting if you have a past or problem.( no fee). I am a firm believer in those who help themselves. I am very lucky I am in the minority of people who actually change. Very few do.  I do not apologize for who I was or am. It was character building and Now I am on top of the World. My testimony can help plant the seeds for God to water. God has the power to change anyone.